Why Us

We are a full service Company dedicated to developing quality golf vacation packages. Based in Slovakia & Italy (Tuscany and Rome). We know our country better than anyone can. Our Services are complete, Accomodations, Prepaid Green fees, Local Transfers and the unique possibility to combine golf with the discovery of places that are off the beaten tracks. Sometimes planning the perfect golf trip is hard and we are determined to make your trip the best you have ever taken and we happily adapt, modify and change anything to make absolutely certain that your trip is perfect and is everything that we promised and everything you had hoped it would be.

We believe you deserve our fanatical attention to detail, our real-world experience with the locations we offer, our ability to make every part of your trip work perfectly and our genuine commitment to you and your golf travel. Your next golf trip may be your first, it may be one of many you’ve taken or it could be your „trip of a lifetime“. We treat them all the same, as if it was the only one you’ll ever travel on and as if we’re going along as well. When we plan a golf trip with those thoughts in mind, we know it’ll be the absolute best trip we can build for the Clients. We want You to enjoy the same holiday we would customaze for us. Our Golf & Stay Program offers, will take you to play the best courses in Italy, to discover the “cellars” of some of the most important wine producers in the world and to get to know the „real“ local Italian cuisine.

Alternative programs will always be available for non-player companions, from visits to “Antichi Borghi”, horseback riding on the sea and in wildlife reserves, diving with some of the well known Italian Divers in one of the most pristine and protected Italian sea, cooking classes with Italian Master Chefs or private visits to Aristocratic Palaces.

By Us the possibilities are endless…