Our Values

Honesty, Respect, Fairness, Integrity

Honesty, Respect, Fairness, Integrity drive our behavior, we keep our promises and ethical behavior is our standard. We are committed to making your golf trip the absolute best it can possibly be. We compete fairly but vigorously on the basis of our experience, superior services and value for the monies you spend. Whatever your trip cost, we think the value you receive will be greater. We are committed to making your golf trip the absolute best it can possibly be. We are prudent with our client’s funds. We pay our suppliers first, before we pay ourselves, and we pay them on-time. We use our client’s deposits as they should be used, to pay their trip deposits and to make their trip reservations.

 If Your trip is important to you… It is Much More important to us

We take the time to ensure every detail is perfect and every base is covered. We really do care about you and your trip and we want you to have the very best experience you can possible have. We realize price will always be part of the decision-making process of any golf trip, whether it’s a major consideration or further down the list. No matter the income, we want to feel that our buying decision was a good one and that we’ve received real value for our Euros spent. That’s why a major focus of ours when building a trip is giving you real value for the monies you spend. Whatever a trip cost, we think the value you receive will be greater. And one of the biggest parts of that intrinsic value is the amount of time and the method we use to plan and build every trip itinerary. Once we research and build a golf trip by checking course, hotel availabilities, flight schedules, driving times to and from golf courses, course conditions, local traditional not turistic restaurants, alternative programs for not players, rental cars, we then create a custom itinerary and quote based on the best we can offer.

Don’t let the Price alone be the DECIDING Factor

We know that price is part of every decision-making process. For some is the first factor in their decision making process, for others, is the last on the list. While some companies may claim or even guarantee their pricing to be the lowest, we believe we guarantee something better… VALUE. We believe you receive the most value for your Euro spent when you travel with us. When comparing multiple proposals, compare the different itineraries carefully, looking at how they were created and if it all makes sense. Review the hotels being offered, the types of rooms and meal inclusions. Make sure all the golf courses you want to play are included in the itinerary, and there are no extra or hidden fees or surcharges. At the end of the day, we believe it’s not always how much you spend on your golf vacation that’s most important, but HOW you spend your golf vacation that really counts.